Triple A Restaurant
Saturday, 7am-3pm

 Welcome to Triple A Restaurant

"Where Good People Meet to Eat"

Home-Style Cooking  *  Breakfast  Lunch  Dinner
CALL 713-861-3422

  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Fresh Vegetables Daily
  • Traditional American Style Food
  • Dining In & Carry Out
  • Telephone Orders & Fax Orders
  • Meeting room available for a maximum of 70 people

Recommended by:

   -"IN HOUSTON I'M A HUGE FAN OF THE TRIPLE AAA CAFE... the homiest place in town. I like its fresh-from-the-chicken eggs at breakfast and its smothered hamburger steak and greens at lunch."
          -Feburary 2002


   -"... Triple A serves vegetables so fresh off the truck that any seasoning besides salt is superfluous."
          -March 2007

   -"The rolls are excellent... the cole slaw is glorious.... The meatloaf is remarkably flavorful, and the rost beef is thickly sliced, tender, and moist. This place can be a vegetarian's delight."
          -December 1995

   -"You will be delighted with the Triple A Restaurant. There are always several choices... It's no accident the veggies are good - The Triple-A is right next door to the best Farmers Market."
          -May 1998

 Houston Metropolitan

   -"The Triple A's chopped mustard greens, breaded eggplant casserole, pickled beets and boiled carrots will satisfy your most nastalgic longings for small-town, Lone Star State cookery."
          -June 1992

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